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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shay Patterson who was born in BOWLING GREEN,KENTUCKY on September 11, 1990 and passed away on August 27, 2008 at the age of 17. We will remember her forever.
Tributes and Condolences
Happy 24th Birthday!   / Deborah Fast (Mother)
Happy 24th  birthday, Shay!  You are on my mind all day today and with memories of that happiest day of all days on this day in 1990.   I sure wish that I could take you out to Thai Cuisine like we use to or with Derek like that t...  Continue >>
Year 6   / William Patterson (Father)
Another year without my dearly beloved Daughter.6th year anniversary of losing you.It's hard to believe.I still ache for the longing of your physical presence but I know I will never lose your spiritual presence because you are always present in my h...  Continue >>
Six years   / Deborah Fast (Mother)
My sweet Shay, how do six years pass and we still survive, I do not know.  My heart still aches for you.  But time has moved on with birthdays and holidays and vacations, and the daily routine of life.  It is mind boggling.  Your ...  Continue >>
Christmas 2013   / Deborah Fast (Mother)
Another Christmas without you.  Each year I think of you even more, thinking that the more years that go by, the closer I am to seeing you again.   Hanging all of our beautiful ornaments on the tree is hardest for me to do without you....  Continue >>
Thanksgiving  / William Patterson (Father)
It"s Thanksgiving morning and I'm reflecting on what I'm thankful for and you came to my mind.I"m Thankful to God for sharing you with me for the 17 years that he did.I miss you and love you very dearly.I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving day with...  Continue >>
5 years  / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Mother's Day 2013  / Deborah Fast (Mother)    Read >>
Missing You  / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Christmas / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.  / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Happy Birthday, Shay!  / Deborah FAST (MOTHER)    Read >>
Year #4  / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Year Four Without You 08/27/12  / Deborah Fast (MOTHER)    Read >>
My Daisy Girl  / Diane Parmon-Wedemeyer (AUNT)    Read >>
Father's Day  / Deborah Fast (MOTHER)    Read >>
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shay at her mom,s wedding
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