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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shay Patterson who was born in BOWLING GREEN,KENTUCKY on September 11, 1990 and passed away on August 27, 2008 at the age of 17. We will remember her forever.
Tributes and Condolences
7 whole years   / William Patterson (Father)
Toni Braxton had a song entitled 7 whole days years ago and yesterday I couldn't help to think of that on the 7th year anniversary of your passing.It still hurts my heart sooooo much.Your memory keeps me going.Recently the mailman who had been reluct...  Continue >>
August 27, 2015   / Deborah FAst (Mother)
I am remembering you on this day, Shay, as I do every day, though I am trying to avoid the painful memories of that day seven years ago.  So much is still a mystery....what happened that night and why.   You are still loved and miss so...  Continue >>
Christmas 2014   / Deborah Fast (Mother)
Dear, sweet Shay.  I have been sick this Christmas so sending my message a bit late.  I am happy to have Andrew home this year.   I  gave him the honor on Christmas morning of passing out the gifts from under the tree.  ...  Continue >>
Christmas 2014   / William Patterson (Father)
Christmas morning 2014 and the memories of you are as fresh as ever.You are not here physically but spiritually you are stronger than ever in My heart.Oh how I miss you Shay.Especially on this Day.The memories are alive and well today.I grieve your l...  Continue >>
Happy 24th Birthday!   / Deborah Fast (Mother)
Happy 24th  birthday, Shay!  You are on my mind all day today and with memories of that happiest day of all days on this day in 1990.   I sure wish that I could take you out to Thai Cuisine like we use to or with Derek like that t...  Continue >>
Year 6  / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Six years  / Deborah Fast (Mother)    Read >>
Christmas 2013  / Deborah Fast (Mother)    Read >>
Thanksgiving / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
5 years  / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Mother's Day 2013  / Deborah Fast (Mother)    Read >>
Missing You  / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Christmas / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.  / William Patterson (Father)    Read >>
Happy Birthday, Shay!  / Deborah FAST (MOTHER)    Read >>
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shay at her mom,s wedding
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